How to Sell NFTs on OpenSea in 2024

A Not-So-Serious Yet Totally Technical Guide


Alright, digital cowboys and cowgirls! 🤠 Ever found yourself lost in the vast desert of the internet, wondering how to sell those shiny NFTs? Fear not! We’re here to guide you through the bustling marketplace of OpenSea. Grab your virtual hats, and let’s ride!

What on Earth is an NFT?

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens (yeah, it’s a mouthful), are like those unique snowflakes that no two are alike. But instead of melting, they’re stored on this super-techy thing called a blockchain. Imagine them as PokĂ©mon cards, but you can’t touch ’em.

Why OpenSea? Why Not ClosedLake?

OpenSea isn’t just a fancy name; it’s the Amazon of NFTs! It’s where everyone, from digital artists to your tech-savvy grandma, comes to trade these virtual treasures. And guess what? They offer two thrilling ways to sell: the “set it and forget it” fixed price or the adrenaline-pumping auction.

The Nitty-Gritty of Selling on OpenSea

Step 1: Picking Your Battle Strategy

Do you set a fixed price and chill with a piña colada 🍹 or go full gladiator mode and throw your NFT into the auction arena? Choose wisely!

Step 2: Setting Up Shop

Head over to OpenSea, click on your pixel-perfect profile pic, select the NFT you’re parting with, and hit ‘Sell’. It’s like eBay but for super cool digital stuff. Check it out.

Step 3: Those Pesky Fees

Ah, the price of doing business in the digital realm! OpenSea takes a tiny 2.5% cut, and then there’s the infamous gas fees. But hey, it’s the cost of being fabulous in the virtual world.

Blockchain: Not Just a Fancy Word

Blockchain is like the diary of the internet, but instead of “Dear Diary” entries, it’s filled with super-encrypted data. It’s decentralized, meaning no single entity controls it. So, every time you buy or sell an NFT, it’s like leaving a permanent digital footprint. Neat, right?

Who Can Sell? Spoiler: Everyone!

Whether you’re the Picasso of pixel art or just someone who bought an NFT because it looked cool, if you own it, you can sell it. It’s like a never-ending game of digital hot potato.

Why OpenSea? Let’s Dive Deep!

Apart from having a cool oceanic name, OpenSea offers a treasure trove of benefits. Reduced gas fees, compatibility with various blockchains, and a vast user base. It’s like the bustling bazaar of the digital world. Dive in here.


Navigating the OpenSea can be a breeze if you know your way. With this guide, you’re not just floating; you’re cruising in style! So, ready to make some digital waves?


  1. How do I price my NFT?

    • It’s like pricing a unicorn. Check similar NFTs, gauge demand, and maybe consult a magic 8-ball.
  2. Risks? What risks?

    • Digital seas can be stormy. Stay informed, and maybe get a virtual lifejacket.
  3. Is my NFT the real deal?

    • Blockchain’s got your back! It’s the ultimate authenticity checker.
  4. Can I sell my doodles as NFTs?

    • Sure! But make sure it’s original. No “borrowing” from the Louvre!
  5. How do I start on OpenSea?

    • Sign up, connect your wallet, and boom! You’re in the game.