David Fornelli: The Ideal Head of Growth Marketing for Your Business

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, the quest for a visionary leader capable of propelling business growth through innovative strategies is relentless. David Fornelli emerges as a standout candidate for the Head of Growth Marketing role, backed by a wealth of experience and a track record of success that is both impressive and inspiring. This blog post delves into David’s professional journey, highlighting his achievements and the transformative work he has led, as evidenced by case studies from notable projects.

A Proven Track Record of Driving Growth

David’s career is a testament to his ability to not only envision growth strategies but to execute them with precision, leading to measurable success across various industries. His expertise is further illuminated through several case studies that showcase his innovative approach to growth marketing.

Elevating Persado’s Social Presence

David played a pivotal role in enhancing Persado’s LinkedIn presence in 2023, aiming for a 5% month-over-month follower growth rate. Through a robust social content calendar, targeted campaigns, and a unique tone of voice, the initiative saw a remarkable 31% increase in LinkedIn followers, far surpassing the initial target. This achievement underscores David’s ability to leverage social media platforms to significantly boost brand visibility and engagement.

Quantcast’s Advertising Triumph

Over four years, from 2019 to 2022, David led Quantcast in executing global advertising campaigns to solidify its position as a leading advertising platform. Targeting marketing directors, CMOs, and large corporations, the campaigns utilized a mix of CTV commercials, digital ads, and content marketing. The results were stellar, with a 35% increase in brand awareness, 230 million total impressions, and an 108% achievement in acquiring new enterprise clients, demonstrating David’s adeptness at driving brand recognition and client acquisition on a global scale.

The Workpatterns to Charma Brand Transition

David’s strategic vision was crucial in the rebranding of Workpatterns to Charma, a move aimed at better reflecting the company’s mission and values. He managed the transfer of all digital marketing assets, ensuring a seamless transition without losing SEO ranking or existing traffic. This rebranding effort not only enhanced the company’s market positioning but also showcased David’s expertise in managing complex brand transitions effectively.

Simplifying Digital Advertising with Quantcast

In the “Simplicity in Advertising” campaign, David highlighted Quantcast’s user-friendly advertising tools, targeting both seasoned marketers and newcomers. The campaign, which ran for six months, aimed for a 2.8% click-through rate and a 6.5% conversion rate. The results were impressive, with significant increases in sign-ups and platform engagement, affirming David’s ability to convey complex solutions in an accessible and appealing manner.

Persado’s Cart Abandonment Campaign

David’s innovative approach to addressing cart abandonment for Persado involved creating dynamic and personalized shopping cart experiences. The campaign led to a 3-5% boost in e-commerce revenues and achieved a 10-15% click-through rate, highlighting David’s skill in crafting targeted strategies that resonate with consumers and drive tangible results.

The Ideal Leader for Growth Marketing

David Fornelli headshot David Fornelli’s extensive experience, coupled with his proven success in leveraging digital marketing to drive business growth, makes him the ideal candidate for the Head of Growth Marketing role. His strategic vision, innovative approaches, and leadership capabilities are precisely what any company needs to thrive in the digital age. David’s work, evidenced by the impactful case studies, demonstrates his unique ability to not only understand the digital marketing landscape but to also transform it, ensuring sustained growth and success.

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