GA4 vs Universal Analytics Discrepancies

Ahoy, digital explorers! 🚀 Ever felt like you’re lost in the vast sea of analytics? Well, we’re here to guide you through the mysterious waters of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Universal Analytics (UA). So, grab your compass and let’s set sail!

GA4 vs Universal Analytics Discrepancies

Introduction: The New Kid on the Block

Google Analytics 4, fondly known as GA4, is the fresh face in the analytics neighborhood. Set to replace Universal Analytics by July 1st, 2024, it’s causing quite a stir. But why? Well, as many companies migrate, they’re noticing some… discrepancies. Let’s dive deeper, shall we?

GA4 vs Universal Analytics Discrepancies

The Tale of Two Sessions

Universal Analytics Sessions

In the world of Universal Analytics, a session is like a visit to your favorite café. You come in, order a coffee, maybe read a book, and then leave. It’s based on hits like pageviews, events, and transactions.

GA4 Sessions

Enter GA4. Here, a session is more like attending a party. You mingle, dance, have a drink, and maybe even sing karaoke. It’s all about events and interactions. Plus, with GA4’s “engagement time”, it’s not just about being at the party but how much fun you’re having!

GA4 vs Universal Analytics Discrepancies

Users: Active vs Total

Universal Analytics Users

Think of Universal Analytics’ “Total Users” as everyone who’s ever visited your house. They might’ve just dropped by or stayed for dinner.

GA4 Users

GA4’s “Active Users”, on the other hand, are those who not only visit but also engage, maybe even dance in your living room! It’s all about engagement over a specific period.

GA4 vs Universal Analytics Discrepancies

Transactions: The E-commerce Tale

Both GA4 and Universal Analytics track transactions, the heart of e-commerce. But while UA uses the “ecommerce:addTransaction” method, GA4 dances to the tune of the “purchase” event.

Pageviews: More Than Meets the Eye

Pageviews might seem straightforward, but there’s a twist! GA4 offers a unified view across platforms, which might inflate the metric compared to UA. Plus, UA’s filtering options are like a Swiss army knife, while GA4’s are more like a regular knife.

GA4 vs Universal Analytics Discrepancies

Why the Discrepancies?

From different data models and sampling methods to tagging and filters, there are several culprits behind the discrepancies. It’s like comparing apples to oranges, both fruits but oh so different!

Minimizing the Discrepancies

Want to bridge the gap between GA4 and UA? Ensure consistent tracking, check your filters, and maybe even use tools like the “GA4 Migration Gap Hunter”. It’s all about ensuring your compass points true north!

GA4 vs Universal Analytics Discrepancies

GA4 vs Universal Analytics: Key Differences

  1. Data Model: UA groups user activity by session, while GA4 tracks individual events.
  2. Enhanced Tracking: GA4 sails across multiple devices and platforms with ease.
  3. Machine Learning: GA4’s analytics are powered by machine learning, offering advanced insights.
  4. Data Privacy: GA4 has upped its game with enhanced data control and privacy features.
  5. Reporting: GA4’s reports are like a treasure map, intuitive and insightful.
  6. Account Structure: While UA has a three-tiered structure, GA4 simplifies it to two.

GA4 vs Universal Analytics Discrepancies

Conclusion: Charting the Course

Navigating the waters of GA4 and UA might seem daunting, but with the right compass (knowledge), you can sail smoothly. Remember, it’s not about choosing one over the other but understanding their unique strengths and quirks. Happy sailing!

GA4 vs Universal Analytics Discrepancies


  1. What is the main difference between GA4 and Universal Analytics?
    • The primary difference is their data model. UA uses a session-based model, while GA4 uses an event-based one.
  2. How does GA4 enhance user tracking?
    • GA4 offers comprehensive data collection across multiple devices and platforms.
  3. Why are there discrepancies between GA4 and UA metrics?
    • Differences in data models, sampling, data processing, and tagging lead to these discrepancies.
  4. Can I use both GA4 and UA simultaneously?
    • Absolutely! In fact, it’s recommended to run both concurrently during the transition period.
  5. Is GA4 set to replace Universal Analytics completely?
    • Yes, GA4 is the future of Google Analytics and will eventually replace UA.