The Life of Social Marketing

Some thoughts from my perspective…

Social marketing fails without content

Since we’re talking about the resources needed to scale your social media presence, we should also consider that it’s useless if it’s not backed by a strong content strategy.

Think about it — if you don’t have anyone creating blog content, offer content, videos, memes, infographics, etc., what exactly are you going to share in social media? You can tweet ‘til the cows come home, but if there’s no link to drive them back to your website, your social following doesn’t do much for your business’ bottom line.

All that content creation takes dedicated resources that time-crunched marketers don’t typically have in excess.

Success takes a long time

For your social media presence to drive meaningful results for your business, it needs to grow. But growing a social media following doesn’t happen overnight. It takes months upon years to build up a strong social following and wide reach that will drive serious traffic to your website.

Of course, you can speed that up a little bit if you abandon the organic growth route and opt for the paid promotion route — but that costs money and management time. Is that something you have as a resource-strapped marketer?

Social media content expires quickly

Unlike content in search engines, social media content expires quickly.

So while you thought that quippy tweet with the link to the best blog post ever written was this month’s crowning achievement, it’ll be buried in people’s tweet streams within minutes, and within their Facebook news feeds within hours … and that’s if they even see it at all.

Social media updates are decidedly not the gift that keeps on giving.


Monitoring is time intensive

Because those streams keep updating, and updating … and updating … You have to vigilantly monitor your social media accounts. Every day.

Yes, there are social media monitoring tools out there to make this more efficient, but the multi-tasking marketer can easily get bogged down trying to read and respond to all of the content that comes through their multiple social media accounts.

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