Client: Workpatterns

Project: Rebranding to Charma

Scope: Full brand switch, including domain name change, brand colors, and website design.

My Role: Transfer of all digital marketing assets.

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Workpatterns, a renowned name in its industry, embarked on a significant brand transformation. As Charma’s co-founder and CEO, Adam Berke, articulated, the decision to rebrand was taken to better mirror the company’s mission, values, and the “CHARMing and MAgical” experience they aim to offer their users. The objective was to present a fresh, modern identity that aligns with the company’s evolving vision and goals. The new brand, Charma, was born out of this vision.


Domain Name Change

Transitioning from a well-established domain to a new one without losing SEO ranking and existing traffic.

Brand Schema

Ensuring that the new brand colors resonate with the target audience while maintaining brand consistency.

Website Design Overhaul

Working with a design that not only reflects the new brand but also offers an enhanced user experience.

Data Asset Transfer

Safely and efficiently transferring all digital marketing assets without any data loss.

Why the Rebrand?

The name WorkPatterns had served its purpose during the company’s initial stages. However, as the company aimed to build an iconic brand, they felt the need for a name that matched that ambition. Some challenges with the name WorkPatterns included:

  • It was unmemorable and sounded similar to many other enterprise software products.
  • The name was prone to typos and inconsistencies in usage.
  • It didn’t resonate with the team’s personality or how they wanted users to feel about the product.

In contrast, Charma was chosen for its clarity, uniqueness, and positive connotations. It evokes the words “charm” and “magical,” aligning with the company’s aspirations for the product and interactions.

My Role and Contribution

Digital Marketing Asset Transfer: My primary responsibility was to ensure a seamless transfer of all digital marketing assets from Workpatterns to Charma. This included:

  • Audit: Conducted a thorough audit of all existing digital assets, ensuring no crucial data was overlooked.
  • Backup: Created backups of all assets to prevent any potential data loss during the transition.
  • Transfer: Migrated all assets, including ad campaigns, social media profiles, email marketing lists, and more, to the new brand identity.
  • Verification: Post-transfer, ensured that all assets were functioning correctly under the Charma brand.


The transition from Workpatterns to Charma was executed flawlessly. The new brand, Charma, now boasts a modern website design, fresh brand colors, and a new do

"The rebranding process could have been a daunting task, but with dedicated professionals like David Fornelli, the transition was smooth and efficient. We are thrilled with our new identity as Charma and grateful for the meticulous transfer of our digital assets."
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Lead Designer
SEMrush data
SEMRush data above is showcasing the sunset of workpatterns.com and the ramp up of charma.com


Rebranding is a significant step for any company, and the transition from Workpatterns to Charma was no exception. With careful planning, attention to detail, and a focus on preserving the digital legacy of Workpatterns, the new brand Charma is now set to soar to new heights.

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