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Demand Generation / Advertising

Executive Summary

Over the span of four years, from 2019 to 2022, Quantcast has executed a series of global advertising campaigns to solidify its position as a top-tier advertising platform and to penetrate emerging markets. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the campaigns’ performance, key metrics, and insights for future strategies.


Enhance brand recognition in established markets, penetrate new markets, and acquire 10,000 new enterprise clients over the four-year period.

Target Audience

Channels Used

Key Performance Metrics (Cumulative 2019–2022)

MetricGoalActual% Achievement
Brand Awareness Increase30%35%117%
Total Impressions200M230M115%
Total Clicks (Digital)10M11.5M115%
New Enterprise Clients10K10.8K108%
Engagement Rate (Content)12%13.5%113%

Key Takeaways

+ 0 %
Brand Awareness Increase
0 M
Total Impressions
+ 0 %
New Enterprise Clients
+ 0 %
Engagement Rate (Content)

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