Advertising Strategy & Creative

The challenge

The task was intriguing yet challenging: create an impactful and engaging representation for Dynamic Motivation. In a digital landscape filled with Generative AI tools, the challenge was to make the product stand apart and appeal to decision-makers in the retail space. The visual needed to portray an empty cart in an artistic, dramatic fashion – capturing hearts while still driving home the product’s benefits.

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Our Solution

Turning adversity into an opportunity

Used an AI-driven approach to generate striking images.

Generative AI image renderings

Creating concepts using Midjourney, quickly depicted the product's essence with high detail.

The result?

A dynamic and personalized shopping cart experience communicated through compelling imagery.
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We’re proud to say that our creative endeavor has yielded impressive results. The campaign successfully boosted e-commerce revenues by 3-5% and offered a personalized dynamic content experience. Our innovative visuals led to an impressive 10%-15% click-through rate and a 5%-10% conversion rate. The feedback from Persado was overwhelmingly positive, stating our graphics “really stood out in a crowd”. We’re excited about the transformative impact our visuals made, reinforcing the power of meaningful design.

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