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Enhance your online visibility with David Fornelli’s expert SEO optimization services, tailored to drive traffic and growth.


Our SEO Services

Get Ahead of the Competition with Our Battle-Tested SEO Strategy for Small Businesses!

Comprehensive Keyword Research

Unlock your website's potential with our expert keyword research. We utilize advanced tools and methodologies to pinpoint the most relevant and impactful search terms for your industry. This strategic selection ensures your content not only ranks higher but also attracts the right audience to your website.

High-Quality, Engaging Content

Content is the cornerstone of any successful SEO strategy. Our team of talented writers specializes in creating informative, compelling content that captivates your audience. By blending SEO best practices with engaging storytelling, we ensure your message resonates deeply with readers, encouraging engagement and conversion.

Technical SEO Optimization

We simplify the complex world of technical SEO, optimizing your website’s foundation for both search engines and users. From enhancing site speed and security to ensuring seamless navigation, our technical optimizations make your site more accessible and indexable, laying the groundwork for improved search rankings.

Strategic Link Building

Elevate your site's authority with our ethical link-building strategies. By securing backlinks from reputable sources, we boost your website's credibility and search engine ranking, ensuring you stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

Estimated hourly rates

we can figure out a plan to fit your business needs


Single Services
$ 35
Starting At
  • Keyword Research
  • On-page Optimization
  • Content Creation
  • Local SEO

Small business

Start-ups Services
$ 50
Starting At
  • Technical SEO
  • Link Building
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Google Analytics and Search Console Setup
  • SEO Audits
  • SEO Training and Consultation

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