David Fornelli



David Fornelli is the visionary entrepreneur and creative mind behind FBD Agency, one of the most successful and innovative advertising firms in the industry. With over 20 years of experience in the field, David has a proven track record of developing and executing effective marketing campaigns that drive business growth and enhance brand reputation.

David’s passion for advertising and marketing began at a young age, and he has dedicated his career to building a company that provides exceptional services and creates meaningful impact. He is a charismatic leader who inspires and motivates his team to reach new heights, and he is known for his ability to turn big ideas into reality.

Throughout his career, David has won numerous awards and accolades for his work, and he is widely recognized as a thought leader in the industry. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and events, and is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and expertise with others.

When he is not working, David enjoys travelling, reading, and spending time with his family. He is also a dedicated philanthropist and supports several causes that promote education, equality, and opportunity for all.

With his passion, creativity, and leadership, David is the driving force behind FBD Agency, and is committed to helping the company continue to grow and succeed.

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